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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center & Wellness Center located in The Bend , Las Vegas, NV

Home Wellness services offered in The Bend , Las Vegas, NV

Home wellness allows you to receive personalized, wellness in the comfort of your own home.  Desert Moon Wellness in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers home wellness modalities with free white glove install to all of Clark County as well ships everywhere in the U.S..

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What is home wellness?

As time is our currency home wellness brings our wellness modalities to you so that you can focus on what's important. 

You don’t need to be sick to benefit from home wellness.  Many people are now focusing on their wellness prior to illnness.  Desert Moon Wellness is here to support you whether recovering from a surgery, illness, or if you just want to upgrade your wellbeing for life.

Desert Moon Wellness specializes in minimally invasive modalities that promote general well-being and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

All modalities are available for purchase with rent and rent to own options.

What are some examples of home wellness services?

Desert Moon Wellness isn’t a typical primary care practice. The providers specialize in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and other advanced treatments.


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

M-Hbot for home use delivers mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy at 1.3 ATA with ambient air.  Consistency is what matters when healing so this is a great option for anyone on a daily protocol or for overall wellness.

Oxygen Concentrator

10-Liter oxygen concentrator to be used in combination with hyperbaric chamber, this delivery of supplemental oxygen accelerates healing. 

BrainTap® therapy

BrainTap is a noninvasive therapy that uses light and sound to rewire your neural pathways. 

During treatment, you wear headgear with earphones and light-emitting glasses. These devices stimulate specific areas of your brain, easing the symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, and other behavioral conditions. 

LS Pro Targeted Light Therapy

LLLT, also known as photobiomodulation is the utilization of low level laser therapy to energize localized tissue from skin and nerves to deeper tendons, muscle, and bone. LS Light technology combines red and infrared light to stimulate the release of ATP (energy) supporting accelerated recovery.

Relax Sauna 


What happens during a home wellness visit?

A home wellness visit averages 60-90 minutes.

When your Desert Moon Wellness Home Wellness consultants arrive at your home, they will first set up modalites, train individual or family on proper use,  and review reccomended protocols.  Whether you are renting or buying your home wellness modalites the DMW team will be here for you every step.